A simple skill based mini-golf game with 18 holes to complete and a scorecard and rank title at the end.  Happy golfing

(Created for Weekly Game Jam 116 (Theme: Crazy Golf))


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how did u make the golf ball 


lol, exactly like

that :)

come on I thought it was impossible in gdevelop also lol 

Did u use the physics 2.0 

Yes it's possible, it's also my first use of physics 2.0 on gdevelop but after a bit of trial and error I got it to work.  If you want the object to bounce properly you got to untick the fixed rotation and alter the dissolution number (bounce power) and other settings to get the right feel to whatever feels right through trial and error.

yah i got a platformer version wrkingbut cant get a topdown veiw one 

for the events