(Elfman the Airship Captain)

Leap into the Mystic Skies in your Airship to travel across the Kingdom.
Evolve Elfman and Upgrade your Airship to overcome Objectives.
Be eaten alive by a Sky Beast if you go Out of Bounds.

Reach the 9th Region and Defeat the 3 Evil Sorcerers to complete the game.

Battle different Monsters with increasing power across 9 levels.

*  Travel other Regions with your Airship and survive the Sky Beasts.
*  Collect Fuel Crystals to refuel your Airship.
*  Complete Region Objectives to unlock airship access for Region.
*  Collect berries to craft potions at Potion Houses.
*  Earn Junk in Battles to sell to Junk Houses.
*  Upgrade Weaopn, Armour and Shield for your Airship with Coins.
*  Evolve your Airship to 2nd Class Ship and 1st Class Ship with Coins.
*  Wander out of bounds of the forest on foot and you are Sky Beast food.


Midoria was a peaceful world heavy with forests and a prosperous Elven Kingdom.
Until one dark stormy night, three powerful dark sorcerers begin a potent ritual.
combining their powers to rip their reality into another world,
powerful lightning bolts strike into the air,
changing the sky from blue to several colours.
Otherworldly creatures of all sizes invade from above.
The once prosperous Elven Kingdom crumbles into anarchy under the strain.
Villages only have a Shipyard, Inn, Junk and Potion Houses left standing.
You must step up and help the Kingdom fight back these creatures and reclaim the skies.

Created for Game Off 2019 game jam;  Theme:  Leaps and Bounds

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