Endless hack and slash game with 25 different ranks to be awarded depending on how well you do.   Scoring higher than 700 will give you the highest rank in the game.

What do you Rank?

Welcome to Soul Grinder

You have been given the task to collect as many lost souls

as you can from Purgatory before they drain your health to zero.

At first the souls will wander to you in small groups, but your

presence will attract more souls over time causing numbers that

will inevitably overwhelm you.

When these lost souls walk through the ectoplasm they become

feral and more powerful.  Things can get messy fast when

wandering near rivers of red.

You are armed with a magic sword that grants, whoever holds it,

the ability to telekinetically claw the souls free to enter the light.

This ability can only take 1 soul per swipe, destroying the other

soul out of existence.  So you can achieve greater scores with

more accurate soul 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSoul Grinder
Made withPixiJS
Tags8-directional, Arcade, Dark, Endless, grinder, Hack and Slash, Isometric, soul


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Nice game I love it!! Never ending level pretty good!!

Thanks glad you liked it, it is only prototype at the moment, I plan to update for more interesting and never ending levels :)

No problem bro looking forward to it keep up the good work